How to flirt with girl using instant messages

Relationship between the guy and the girl — very interesting and amusing thing. First look, acquaintance, communication, kiss … An important component of these relations is flirtation. Earlier flirtation was in the SMS, now it moved to social networks, messengers and webcam chat rooms. But rules of this flirtation did not change. As it is necessary to flirt with the girl using chat in various messaging apps or just simple webcam chat room.


Conversation has to be interesting

You cannot be the boring interlocutor by no means. It is important not to be predictable even at the very beginning of your communication. You should not begin with boring “Hi. How are you doing?”. Try to ask any unexpected question or to begin your communication with any strange word.

Girls love with ears

Yes, girls really love ears. And you need to consider it during your communication. Address to the girl by name. The address by name will make any person more located to the interlocutor. Any tender or amusing pseudonym can be one more option. Only not “cat”, “small fish”, “sun” and similar. And this pseudonym has to be known only to you to two.

Do not forget about the most important weapon of a male — compliments. Let any hour of your communication do not pass without compliments.

But remember that the compliment has to be sincere. It is not necessary to flattery and falseness.

You can play a trick on the girl a little. Release any harmless causticity on the fact that it made or told. You can remember something amusing that occurred at your last meeting, and to joke on this topic. For example, how the girl missed saying “Manet” instead of “Monet”.

Be able to give yourself

Be mysterious. The person on the essence is very inquisitive. Always pulls people to riddles. It is probable therefore detectives are so popular. Do not answer directly her questions, do not open all the plans, answer a little smarty way.

Show an initiative. So it developed that the male should take the first step, to the first to kiss and do other things to the first. Therefore, you should show an initiative as well in your SMS communication. Do significant hints or help the girl, creating all conditions in order that the girl herself did these hints. For example, the message “Just left a shower” gives to the girl all cards in hands.

Be not overzealous with communication. The number of your messages has to differ from number of messages of your interlocutor not strongly.

And your communication always has to be cool. To whom interestingly long discussion of weather? If conversation is not glued, try to curtail it. But also it to you should be made mysteriously and mysteriously.
Be not the ignoramus

Check your messages before sending. The set of spelling errors did not win any female heart yet. Punctuation marks are also very important; after all they can completely change sense of your message.

Do not constrain emotions. The message “Abruptly” very strongly differs from the message “Cool!”. And after all only one sign.

The same history with smiles. Just don’t overdo it while you are flirting in chat room or using any other sort of online messaging.

Now you will be able win correctly and skillfully the female heart by means of text messages. But remember: flirtation is alive much more pleasant and more interesting.

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