Basic Flirting Rules

You sometime feel reflected on why people flirt? Someone considers that it becomes for the sake of a self-assessment raising, someone will tell that from it the mood is lightened, and some people who even are married consider that it is natural process and without it it is impossible to provide life. There will be also those who will not call flirtation art harmless game, and will perhaps note platitude and insincerity of similar communication of representatives of opposite sexes. And the senior generation is sure of the majority that such behavior does not befit the woman respecting herself. But devil is not so black as he is painted. If to understand, why people flirt, and to understand what rules are, and that oversteps the bounds legal, everything will be banal simply.

What is the flirtation?

flirtWord flirtation is meant by a “special form of manifestation of sexual feeling which consists in courting, coquettish advances in the form of words, touches and views”. Of course, such behavior has sexual coloring, but whether it means, what sex is supposed? The matter more difficult also nonpluses many potential partners. It becomes a root of a problem and the reason of misunderstanding between them, and also interferes with peaceful completion of the begun sexual game.

If it is good to understand a situation, it will become clear that everyone has to establish for himself border between flirtation and a prelude to which the majority and confuses flirtation. Flirtation, unlike a prelude, should not sum up the result of the relations between two people who make eyes each other. Flirtation gives absolutely other pleasure, thinner and rather emotional, sincere. Those who does not want physical feelings need it, and simply looks for excitation. Similar feelings help to become more self-assured and for a long time to be loaded with positive energy.

Flirtation art: basic rules

That as a result of flirtation not to suffer because of misunderstanding or improper handling it is necessary to play by rules.

Correctly evaluate the behavior. If you made a bright make-up, put on defiant clothes and late evening alone took a place at a bar counter or came to work with a frank, deep decollete and in a short skirt, you should not show sincere discontent when men stick to you. Such female image for men as a red flag, team to action and they sincerely do not understand why “send away” them when, apparently, the woman herself not against close communication. So always think to what can lead your appearance and put on according to the desires and a situation.

Honest flirtation. Art of flirtation with the guy has the main rule – never “disconnect” brains and always put feelings on the second plan. You should not plunge into a whirlpool if you do not want that harmless flirtation developed into more intimate relations. Always analyze a situation and try to guess, whether your purposes match the partner. If you were visited by any doubts, at once finish communication. Only make it smoothly and innocently as well as began.

Flirtation art

Flirtation for a sweet dessert. Not for nothing flirtation is compared often to reception of the sweet. The dessert will always be to the taste to the full person. Such original comparison will help to understand flirtation art. If you are hungry, the dessert will tease you or even will cause a storm of emotions. So before starting flirting, be convinced that your elect is full, differently you should “feed” him independently.

Do not confuse flirtation to the normal relations. In life there are two paradoxes: sometimes ladies perceive man’s flirtation as the normal attitude towards themselves. Of course, it will not be pleasant to whom when your emergence causes admiration in representatives of an opposite sex. Any girl wants to be on the ball irrespective of, whether there is at her a constant partner or not. The lovely lady is pleased by understanding of that people around accept her also well, as well as she treats herself.

Men to confuse female as flirtation to the normal relation of the lady to the stronger sex. And here all forget about rules: men flirt honestly and wait for honest acceptance of the flirtation, and women accept flirtation as a hint on something bigger. But it does not mean that the guy means intimate, showing attention to the girl. Perhaps, it in your subconsciousness somewhere deeply hid desire to be tempted, to give in to a spontaneous sexual inclination and to add a little adventure to usual life?

Do not pull on yourself a blanket. Often flirtation is similar to competitions. Someone does one act, the partner at once answers still with something to more courageous. It is so possible and finish badly. It is necessary to feel accurately that edge through which you were not going to cross. After all the subtlety of sensual game can be lost, you go in cycles in the actions and will cease to notice the satellite. Similar “pulling of a blanket” will lead to that both of you will cease to understand for what it everything began. And as a result you will be angry, and the man remains in perplexity.

Do not wait that flirtation will pass into a prelude. Flirtation does not assume a spirit of partners on sex. Though if they not against such completion of communication, similar can easily it happens. But besides only by agreement. And if you do not need such final, do not risk. Why to tease a predator? And nobody excludes that you can simply not be pleasant and to you will let “go whistle”. Your self-assessment will suffer from it and will not rise to the following adventure, but already successful.

Art of flirtation with the guy: self-improvement

Flirtation is pertinent at home, at work, at a party or in shop. In each situation you set before yourself the different purposes. The real, professional flirtation can be and imperceptible. Sometimes by means of flirtation it is possible to sell easily any unnecessary, but expensive thing to the man and he with pleasure will leave a lump sum of money in your shop and will not even understand that occurred and as so it turned out. This is also flirtation magic.