Art Of Flirting

Undoubtedly, many of us at least once reflected on value of flirtation in our life. And not only reflected, but also quite often put it into practice. After all, in fact, any relations between the man and the woman begin with flirtation art.


Flirtation – natural manifestation of sympathy for an opposite sex which is capable to lighten mood, and to raise a self-assessment to both one, and second party. The unexpected meetings of views charming the smiles, pleasant compliments, semi-hints which hung in mid-air – there is a huge number of the most different opportunities to show the sympathy and to begin flirtation.

Coquetting, tempting, carrying away, the girl sends certain signs to the man. Flirtation with the man is significant, but quite harmless game with the subtleties and rules. Each girl has to know laws, nuances, rules of flirtation. It will help you to achieve sexual interest in itself from the man and, perhaps, to force it to fall in love.

One of the main rules of flirtation with the man is the smile. The smile will show to the person who interested to you that you are open that are ready to continue communication, eventually, that you have an excellent mood. The correct, sincere smile never remains without answer. Can be trained on the street, as objects choosing passersby – response smiles, certainly, will lighten your mood, as, however, and mood to the men passing by. Who knows, maybe, exactly in such a way you will be able to find the man of the dream.

One more obligatory component of flirtation with the man is the look. A look it is possible to transfer the mass of emotions, to show the interest, desire to continue acquaintance, a certain shyness, shyness, or, on the contrary, a call. Everything depends on your temperament, on mood. Equipment of a seductive long look the simple: the girl, seductively smiling, darts a “accidental” glance at the man, then confusedly looks down and slowly lifts them back, this time it is possible “to add a little courage and interest”. It is so possible to repeat several times.

If the first technique does not give the necessary results, it is possible to use equipment of “the shooting views”. Thus it is necessary to be able correctly, precisely to seize the opportunity. The girl darts a glance at the man who was pleasant to her and by then when he looks at her, looks away.

Besides, it is possible to try to use force of the fixed evaluating look of half-closed eyes. But views and smiles not the strongest tools in the girl’s arsenal though it is almost impossible to do without them at flirtation with the man. One of the most effective elements of art of flirtation with the man is the touch.

Touches can be purposeful or accidental. Being near the man, the girl accidentally touches him by a breast or a hip, then hints him at desire of possible acquaintance. Another opportunity to touch the man, purposefully to touch, is opportunity to exchange any subjects. Such touch is not considered accidental, and therefore to hint an opposite sex about the interest, it is necessary to prolong a touch a little longer, than it is necessary on etiquette. By the way, men often use this rule of flirtation at acquaintance to girls. Kissing it a hand, they detain the female handle in man’s slightly more long, fixedly thus looking to the girl in eyes. It is necessary to understand such hint simply.

But girls who often use method of touches, should not forget that some men can apprehend touches as a hint on desire of sexual proximity. Therefore, it is desirable nevertheless to learn to feel that thin edge which separates harmless flirtation with the man from the offer of more close, intimate acquaintance. So, for example, if during slow dance the girl keeps some distance between the partner and herself – means that she does not wish with it proximity.
The interest in the man can be shown, interfering in his personal space – thus enough to bend to the man or to approach it on distance less than 75 centimeters.

The tempting smile, penetrating glance, gentle touches are and there is an art of flirtation which any girl has to perfectly know. These rules of flirtation are conscious actions, but we make a set of elements of flirtation subconsciously, for example, without controlling the actions, can touch hair, necks are the same signals to a man’s half urging to look at you more attentively.

One more important element of art of flirtation with the man is the soft female voice. Many men like a gentle quiet voice. The voice can be used at two levels. At the first level – a normal voice which you talk in daily talk and situations, and at the second level – a voice which can be applied at temptation. It sounds deeply and sexually. Try to connect a charming smile, the stare, a gentle voice and result of such complex impact on an opposite sex will not keep waiting long.

To intrigue the man and to show the ardent interest in it, it is possible also, doing compliments and flirting during conversation in a disco, a party or any other place.
flirtation with the man

In advance consider an interesting subject of conversation with the man. Because men who in the course of conversation need to be helped meet to continue flirtation with the man. If the girl in the course of conversation does not continue to flirt with the man, it can begin to doubt that it to her is nice.

Fine opportunity to show the individual sexuality the girl is capable in dance with the man who attracted it. During dance try to look more often deeply in the face to the partner, do not look around on other dancing. Show to the man that he, and only he is interesting to you. Dancing, you can apply besides rules of flirtation – gently to touch the man, to embrace him for a neck. But try not to pass for a framework, you should not be frankly sexual and vulgar. It can push away the man.

Art of flirtation with the man is shown in ability to feel that thin edge which separates a delicate hint on interest from too active imposing of the society, after all excessive activity can frighten even the most courageous man.