10 ways of direct flirt that drives men crazy

It is necessary to flirt correctly.

Otherwise the man can simply run away, without having got into your charming networks.

Ineptly flirting woman looks in the opinion of the man ridiculously and ridiculously. And here the goddess of flirtation, on the contrary, is always desired and attractive.

How it is beautiful to flirt that it got under female charms?

Here 10 ways of tough and lovely flirtation from which the man will go crazy:

1. Send to it messages, thought-provoking

Carefully thought over text of the message can become more powerful weapon, than the photo of erotic contents or the naughty voice message.

In messages try to be interesting, but not vulgar. You should not be too direct and open that he did not think of you badly and began to want everything and at once.

All you need to do is, – to leave the message open, a little incomplete. Let the man himself finish thinking and dreams.

For example, message of the following contents: “I think of you …” or “I want that you were here right now…” – well fit into a technique of the correct flirtation.

Messages of this sort, on the one hand, tease and attract, on the other hand, force the man to finish thinking about what you meant.

But you remember: you should not be too persuasive. The excessive activity and persistence can frighten off the man.

Besides, is more careful with contents of messages. Too provocative and courageous texts and phrases, of course, can, and will make of you the femme fatale, but they will obviously not do good to your reputation.

Courage it is good, but be relaxed moderately. Leave for the man a little riddle and secrets that he wanted to solve her gradually.

sexy flirt

2. You wear the correct clothes

Yes, the clothes substantially influence that, the man will like you or not.

Many women in a pursuit of attention of an opposite sex, bare legs or carry the attracting and too frank decollete. Certainly, all these tricks draw male attention. All know that the man is visual.

Nevertheless, too provocative clothes can play to you bad service. As a rule, men perceive too sexual the woman’s attire as a signal to a short-term game.

If you seriously are interested in someone, given the chance to see your internal beauty. You carry what will really reflect your true essence.

And it is unimportant that it will be – a stylish t-shirt with gym shoes or the beautiful flying dress – the main thing that the dress reflected you as the personality, the character and interests emphasized.

Carefully think over the appearance, going to an appointment with an object of your sympathy.

As the separate subparagraph, it is possible to allocate one more advice to the flirting young ladies: Carry red!

Psychologists claim, red color affects the man in the hypnotizing way. The woman in red is a magnet for the man.

Many are sure that the woman who put on a scarlet dress tries to involve on herself attention from outside of the stronger sex. Also, it is necessary to agree that the grain of truth in this statement is.

However, the accuracy and dosage are important here. The surplus red in your clothes can not attract, and on the contrary, to push away an object of your sympathy.

Dilute with a red detail your image. Let it will be red nails or shoes – a such red spot against the background of other shades.

If all of you decided on a red dress, carefully select to it shoes, a handbag and jewelry. Red color already in itself quite independent and bright.

3. Tell him that you had a dream with him

Believe, to hear very flattery that you came to someone in a dream.

When the man hears that he dreamed you, it means that you thought of him. Agree, such recognition is worth a lot, and will please everyone.

But you should not paint the dream as the phenomenon of erotic and outright maintenance. It will be to be limited to some simple, lovely and innocent details enough.

Describe the dream in which there was an object of your sympathy, having embellished it a lovely and not binding plot.

How to flirt eyes

4. Come into visual contact

Eyes – a window to the soul. Them it is possible to hook and get to fall in love the man to insanity.

If you want that your man lost from you the head, just look to him in eyes a second longer, then it is required, then look away.

Besides, the look has to be attracting and playing. Flash the eyes correctly that the man wanted to answer your appeal.

If you flirt eyes correctly and skillfully, from it efforts will be required to look away from you. It will be difficult for it to make it, but that the game based on the correct visual contact will become more fascinating.

At the first stage of acquaintance useful will be “to do some shooting” eyes towards an object of your sympathy.

Then it is possible to lower modestly a look finally to confuse the man. Believe, such game and flirtation will not remain without its attention.

Playfully clap eyelashes. Long eyelashes and their skillful use is what always submitted men. And it is here too important that female eyelashes looked it is well-groomed and it is beautiful.

One more trick connected with visual contact which very much clings men it is surprised eyebrows.

Remember the heroine Vivienne Li – famous Scarlett who with astonishment raised an eyebrow and this simple gesture demented many men.

5. Bite a lower lip

Imagine the woman who is easily biting a lower lip. Sexually, truth?

lip bite

Why such behavior in the opinion of the man looks sexual and attracting – it is unknown. But the fact remains: the woman having a snack a lip attracts men. They are tempted by this rash mechanical gesture.

But do it kind of inadvertently, not specially.

Of course, it does not mean that it is necessary to bite and chew lips till it bleeds. Try to bite a lower lip as it is possible easier and sexy.

When the woman slightly bares teeth, she some oddly radiates extremely attractive mix of vulnerability and thoughtfulness.

Next time try this method of flirtation and observe reaction of the guy.

6. You carry red lipstick

If you want to fascinate the guy while he looks at you, one more effective way – to carry red lipstick.

Not that other bright colors do not work, just red lipstick is always a sure bet.

Red color is color of passion, love and flirtation.

Make sure that color which you choose is in harmony with color of your skin.

Lips are the first what the man on a woman’s face pays attention to. He will not be able to look away from juicy lips. He will want to taste them.

And if with red things it is necessary to be accurate, then red lipstick is what will never get out of fashion and will not look vulgarly.

Do you want to put on something red, but you do not know that? Give preference to lipstick of scarlet color.

Pick up correctly a shade red lipstick proceeding from the appearance, and tempt men with an irresistible and sincere smile.

7. Send an interesting article or ridiculous video which he did not see yet

Share with the man the interesting link on video or article which, in your opinion, really costs its attention.

Sending to the man something, be sure that the context of this history is within its own interests or it something that is interesting to everyone.

As an alternative, send it several references corresponding to its concrete interests.

Thus, you can prove as far as you are thoughtful and attentive and that you considered to its hobby and interests.

8. Eat beautifully

Most of men pays attention to how there is a girl, they find surprisingly seductive a manner its manner to eat. How she eats food, for some is the whole art.

When girls eat a certain thing definitely, it cannot do attract attention.

For example, some men (actually, most of them) find very exciting to watch when girls eat strawberry and even … paste!

Some like to watch how the girl eats ice cream.

Next time, when you will leave together with the guy, do not forget about it and approach process of eating of a dish more creatively. Imperceptibly observe his reaction.

However, the care is here too important. Do not play in affectation. Too theatrical absorption of food can expose you ridiculous and ridiculous in the opinion of the man. Try to do it as it is possible more naturally and more simply.

Of course, it does not mean that it is necessary to champ and with velocity of light to eat everything that is on a dining table.

9. Do a seductive extension

Try to be extended seductively. Feel a such kitty who is extended on the sun. Extend at the top of a hand, be a little bent.

Do it accurately and beautifully.

Except that it is beautiful and seductive, the extension is also good for your health. Beautiful bends in the course of pulling is an excellent way to draw attention of an object of your sympathy.

If you carefully and correctly manipulate the body and draw attention with a beautiful form of bends, but not unattractive formations of a body, you will surely attract interest of the man.

Remember, in an extension you have to look as a kitty, but not sick old geezer!

10. Flirt with someone

It is pleasant to each man when other representatives of an opposite sex pay attention to his woman.

Therefore, flirt with someone else, it is desirable, with someone who will respond to your flirtation. Let an object of your sympathy will see that you are interesting to much that at you is watched by men.

Certainly, such attention from other men will add to you points, under a condition if your potential man is not a mad jealous man and the incorrigible owner.

Therefore, if you also flirt with others, do it accurately and with the head not to acquire to themselves troubles.

Besides do not forget about other types of weapon in the course of flirtation.

– Smile and sincere laughter

Smile and respond to humor and ridiculous jokes with sincere laughter.

– Be sure of themselves

The self-assured woman is a subject of admiration of an opposite sex. However, do not confuse confidence about self-confidence and we overestimate ourselves.

The first attracts men a magnet, the second pushes away them.

– your smell

Remember that there is a theory that we choose partners in a smell. Do not forget: the well-groomed woman is not only attractive appearance, but also what aroma from her proceeds.

Pick up the perfume reflecting your character. Do not pour down them, and you only apply on those places where on a body pulsing is probed.

– Try new hobbies

Let the man will see that you the passionate fond nature. The woman whom interesting all new attracts as a magnet.

Play, try, win the man, at the same time, remaining the woman, but not the hunter which so are afraid of the man!

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