Amelia enjoys using her imagination while flirting

Ever since I hit puberty, I figured that I was a bit more sexual than an average girl. By the time all of my friends started discovering their sexuality, I was already exploring some of the more advanced and kinky stuff. After a while, I stumbled across a cam girl type of platform. I never had privacy issues so there was no obstacle for me to try it out. The first couple of sessions were a bit weird as I find it difficult not being able to touch my partner, but I immediately recognized the potential of this type of interaction.


I’ll try to explain it as best as I can. When I stated that I am a bit more sexual than an average girl, what I really meant is: that “bit” is actually a lot. I think about sex almost all the time, and in that regards, I’m like a teenage boy. But the difference is I can go all night, every night. And more so, I want to go all night. Finding a partner that can keep up with me is very difficult, and being a camgirl gives me the option of fulfilling that void. What I found is that the anonymity of the platform actually enhances the intimacy with the participants of the show. It is liberating and rewarding to exchange fantasies and have a bit of fun along the way with all of the participants willing to share.


And believe it or not, as much as I’ve been told that I’m enriching their sexual imagination, they do wonders for mine as well. The amount of experience I get from doing private shows is nothing short of amazing. And that is the true value for me. I get to explore every nook and cranny of my perverted mind, as well as the body and avoid the bad experiences that usually would have been accompanied by those in real life.


The way I see it, both my participants and I get the best out of the experience of a live show. There is no platform designed to achieve that other than this one. Or at least, I haven’t found one. So for all of you who haven’t tried a camgirl show so far, this testimonial should be enough of an invitation to do so. The satisfaction is guaranteed, and often times mutual.

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