• Urban FLRT is lifestyle brand celebrating living life openly, freely, and in truth.

    By producing apparel and accessories that incorporate motivational messages around the notion of “Freely Living Real & True”, we support and empower those who have chosen to live their life freely, openly, and honestly.

    Without being arrogant, our customers proclaim, “I’m me. Today and every day.” They live free from stigma, stereotypes, or any emotional baggage that can come with life circumstances. And they have chosen to be open and honest about who they are, where they are in their life, and who they aspire to be.

    Proclaim today that you are a FLRT and you are Freely Living Real & True.

  • Based in New York City, Urban FLRT is lifestyle brand celebrating living life openly, freely, and in truth. The personal experiences of co-founder Corey Wesley inspired the brand to come to life.

    Raised on the Lower East Side of New York City in a single parent home, Corey had a good childhood. Adult life turned out less rosy. His professional career as a successful corporate trainer came to a standstill with a layoff in 2007. Not being able to find a job right away with business partner, John S. Myers, he created BlackOutEndeavors LLC. They ventured into the t-shirt business and created the first brand Flirtatious-T which was seen on celebrities Kendra Wilkinson and Whoopi Goldberg.

    Circumstances, however, took a turn for the worse and Corey was faced with the continued downturn in the economy. Although it wasn’t easy, he eventually came out on top.

    Through his journey, Corey started attending Unity of New York and sought professional counseling. Through therapy and spiritual growth Corey began to understand the value of being honest, open, authentic, and true with respect to “where you’ve been” and “where you’re going” in life.

    Then one evening John and another good friend were discussing Corey’s challenges and struggles. Playing off the previous brand Flirtatious-T, Omar suggested the message “Freely Living Real & True.” And so it came to be. The new lifeblood of the brand was “FLRT, Freely Living Real & True.”

    The concept of FLRT was born out of overcoming adversity and acknowledging the truth. Corey came to understand that when we live in the truth and acknowledge the sometimes ugly realities we’re faced with, we are empowered to live a life at peace with who we are and where we are. All too often the burdens and tragedies we experience bind us, preventing us from living a full and enriched life. By unleashing the ties that bind we begin to experience a new world filled with joy and happiness.

    Today the Urban FLRT brand and the FLRT Philosophy bring people together through the universal desire to freely live one’s life to the fullest, living through truth, and facing life’s challenges through empowerment.

  • The concept of Freely Living Real & True (FLRT) was born out of the personal journey of BlackOutEndeavors’ co-founder Corey Wesley. It’s a story of being empowered to continue forward and succeed.

    We believe that when you live in the truth and acknowledge the sometimes ugly realities you’re faced with, you are empowered to live a more real and authentic life. By embracing the message in Freely Living Real & True you release yourself from a place of imprisonment.

    By incorporating the Freely Living Real & True motivational slogan (FLRT) into our daily life our experience has shown improvements in the following areas:

    • healthier relationships have been established
    • the right people have been brought into our life
    • stress has been reduced
    • romantic relationships have improved
    • energy levels have increased
    • fun is being had
    • mood swings have been reduced

    In fact, a 2008 study by Timothy A. Judge and Charlice Hurst states that “believing in oneself is more than just a motivational slogan; it can strongly influence long-term career advancement and overall health.”1 In addition, a 2010 study lead by Amy Brunell suggests that by being true to yourself, better romantic relationships will follow.2

    By using a fun acronym like “FLRT”, our goal is to empower others to freely live their life to the fullest, to live through truth, and face life challenges head on.


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